Saturday, 11 October 2014

Dordogne, France, August 2014 - Birds

After a few busy weeks of work, gigs, kids' birthday parties, and birding in Shetland, I've finally got around to sorting and editing my wildlife photos from my recent family holiday in France.

Like last year, we went to Vendoire on the Charente-Dordogne border, but this time for two weeks. Being rural and sparsely populated, the area is great for all kinds of wildlife, especially for Lepidoptera and Odonata in August. As ever, I was restricted a bit by family commitments, laziness (the idea of beers by the pool holds a particular attraction for me), and not knowing what I was looking at. 

I certainly found lots of interesting butterflies, moths, dragonflies, and other invertebrates, but struggled to identify many of them. I was on firmer ground with the birds, and I'll start with these, with mammals, herptiles, insects and other inverts to follow in separate blog posts...

Turtle Dove, Les Tourbières de la Chapelle-Grésignac, Dordogne - August 2014

Common Buzzard, Fontaine, Dordogne - August 2014

Stonechat (male top, female below) - Gurat, Charante, France - August 2014

Plenty of Stonechat around this year, far more than I saw last year.

Stonechat (male) - Plateau d'Argentine, Dordogne, France - August 2014

Whinchat (female) - Gurat, Charante, France - August 2014

Black Redstart (juveniles) - Plateau d'Argentine, Dordogne (top & middle), and Gurat, Charante (bottom), France - August 2014

Common Redstart (juvenile) - Vendoire, Dordogne, France - August 2014

 Barn Swallow, Gurat, Charante, France - August 2014

Cirl Bunting, Plateau d'Argentine, Dordogne (top two), and Gurat, Charante (bottom two), France - August 2014

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