Thursday, 23 December 2010

On your doorstep

Aha! Something that really is about birds and music. My slightly mad friends in Being747 have followed up the tremendous success of their Amoeba to Zebra shows and CD with a new show called 'In the Valley', about the Dearne Valley, South Yorkshire. Going by their past offerings, it'll be brilliant, informative, and ridiculous, in equal measure. To quote from their site:

"Being 747 were commissioned by the RSPB and the Environment Agency to tell the story of the natural and social history of the Dearne Valley area of South Yorkshire. 'In The Valley' features new songs about revolutions, riverways, recycling, regeneration...and reed warblers. 'On Your Doorstep' encourages the listeners to go out and see what amazing nature surrounds their towns. A more active lifestyle is there for the taking. SO what are you waiting for? On yer bike! "

Here's a taster track from the CD:

Update 24/12/2010

Here are two more tracks. Brilliant, brilliant stuff...

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